Dealth Penalty Stirs Up Controversy Across the United States

By Sofia Nelson


There are 29 states that allow the death penalty and 21 states, including DC, that do not - according to The main reasons criminals are put to death is because of espionage or treason.

In Tennessee, hanging was the original form of execution, but nowadays, lethal injection is their primary method. The same goes for all states that legalized the death penalty.

Some states in the United States feel as though the death penalty lets the criminal get away easy instead of having them suffer and spend the rest of their days in jail. However, other states believe performing the death penalty is the only way to provide closure for the family of the victims.

Opposers of the death penalty typically take a more religious approach. They look to the Bible, which states, “thou shalt not kill.” Christians believe that by putting a murderer to death, it makes them just as bad as the criminal. They believe that no matter what crime someone has committed, they do not deserve death.

Others argue that while in jail, they have access to “too much.” For instance, prisoners are given a TV, bed, clothes, and meals - things people outside prison might not even have. While they might not actually be “thriving” per se, they are comfortable.

If lawmakers thought each of these points of views through, then why do some states still allow the death penalty? It seems as though the main reasons it is still enforced are to ensure the public’s safety and to intimidate serious criminals.

However, according to statistics, the states that use the death penalty are not any “safer.” In fact, some have experienced a rise in criminal activity. What some people fail to realize is that criminals tend to know the consequences of the crime they are committing.

If fear had actually been a priority for them, they would not have had the initiative to commit the crime in the first place.

There will always be a wall between the advocates and the critics of the death penalty, but the morality lies behind the side that thinks of other people’s lives before their own.

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