The Rise of R&B Singer ‘Daniel Caesar'

By Halli DaBel


The 24-year-old singer from Ontario, Canada is finally going on tour again with his second album, Case Study 01, after taking a two year break from writing music. Fans are ecstatic about his decision to finally perform in the United States.

Ashton Simmonds, better known as Daniel Caesar, was born on April 5, 1995 where he grew up in the city of Oshawa located in Ontario. Caesar, the second eldest of four sons, was raised in a very church-rooted home, which explains why his music contains religious aspects.

Although Caesar grew up in a Christian home, he began questioning God and the church morals he had learned early in his life. Caesar’s parents, Norwill and Hollace Simmonds, struggled to accept their son’s decision to move away from home and pursue a singing career.

The musician fell away from his church family after causing trouble at school. He was kicked out of a private Christian high school from selling weed to a classmate. Suprisingly enough, he even ended up failing his 10th grade choir class. How is that even possible with a voice like his?

Despite his decisons as a teenager, Caesar is a responsible and intelligent person who writes all of his own music. After being offered a huge record deal, he turned them down so that he could continue creating his own music the way he wanted. In other words, Daniel Caesar is his own boss.

Caesar’s unique music includes his soft and smooth vocals singing along to passionate lyrics. His songs talk about finding love, losing love and coping with the tough times in relationships. Through piano and guitar, he is able to develop his soul-stirring music.

“A lot of artists are aspiring to fill an archetype as opposed to being themselves. I try my best to not be like them,” Caesar explained in an interview with the Forbes.

Caesar now lives in Toronto, but for a long period of time, he was unable to find a place to settle down after being kicked out of his house by his father. He resorted to sleeping on friends’ couches or even on the park benches outside.

This homelessness created inspiration for his first two EPs, Praise Break and Pilgrims Paradise. Later on, when he began rising to the top of the charts and was in a more stable position, he released his first album, Freudian, in August of 2017. This album included his most famous songs “Get You,” featuring Kali Uchis, and “Best Part,” featuring H.E.R.

The year of 2017 was huge for Caesar’s music career. The singer-songwriter was nominated for two awards at the 61st Annual Grammy's and won one for Best R&B Performance. Caesar has also attended and won awards at several Canadian music award shows, including the Junos, where he performed with famous singer, Jessie Reyez.

"You can't reminisce too much. Because you've got to keep pushing forward, you know?" he stated in a recent interview with

On June 28, 2019, Daniel Caesar’s highly-anticipated album, Case Study 01 was released. This authentic album included bops and ballads including, “Entropy,” “Love Again,” “Open Up,” “Superposition,” ”Complexities,” “Cyanide,” “Frontal Lobe Muzik,” “Restore The Feeling” “Too Deep To Turn Back” and last but not least, “Are You Ok?”

All perfectly crafted songs in Case Study 01 represent Caesar’s journey of life, his current mental state and where he sees himself in the coming years. His musical masterpieces create an image that looks and feels like heaven. His risky and inspirational actions have motivated people to do what they please and live life to the fullest.

"Whatever happens, happens. I can't be living in fear. Nobody should live in fear,” according to Caesar.

You can listen to Daniel Caesar now on iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer Music, along with other music platforms.

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