People Have Been Debating the existance of Bigfoot For Years, There is Still No Definite Evidence

By Maiclinn Walker


Everyone knows the tale of the mysterious, elusive and hairy creature known as “Bigfoot.” People have spent years searching for proof of its existence, and there have been many collected pieces of “evidence,” but the question remains: does Bigfoot really exist?

Theories about such a creature have circulated around the world for centuries, but the first sensation about Bigfoot specifically came from the Humboldt Times in 1958 after loggers in northern California wrote about “mysteriously large footprints.” The story of Bigfoot became a national topic, and sightings began to rise.

Perhaps the most famous of these sightings was from a video taken in 1967, showing a tall, hairy, human-like figure walking through the woods in northern California. For years this video seemed to be concrete evidence of Bigfoot’s existence, but in 2002, a logger named Ray L. Wallace came forward and declared that video was a prank and the “creature” was really just a man in a costume.

However, some still believe that the video is authentic and continue to use it as a key piece of evidence when discussing Bigfoot’s existence.

Another compelling piece of evidence is what is known as the “Ape Canyon Incident.” In 1924, a group of five men were staying in a cabin on Mount Saint Helens when they began to hear loud noises at night. They also found large, suspicious footprints in the snow near their cabin.

While out on the mountainside the next day, the men came upon a large, hairy, ape-like beast lurking behind a pine tree. One of the men shot at it, but it ran away after a bullet grazed its head. Another one of the campers claimed to have seen one of the same creatures on the edge of a cliff. The camper supposedly shot it, letting the body fall over the edge and into a ravine.

Later that night, the campers were roused from their sleep by loud thumping noises on the cabin walls. Parts of the walls were broken in by beasts similar to the ones the men had seen earlier that day. One of the men said that he could see three of the creatures outside, and they were trying to break into the cabin using rocks and branches.

Though they only saw three, the campers said that there must have been many more due to all the noise they heard. The men fought back with their rifles for about five hours before the beasts gave up and left. The cabin, along with most of the equipment, was abandoned, as the men left the area as soon as they possibly could.

Originally, the men agreed to never speak of the incident, but later on, one of the men told the story and soon caught the attention of the press. It was dubbed the “Ape Canyon Incident.”

Countless stories and sightings have been recorded, but the Ape Canyon Incident and the video taken in 1967 are widely known as the most notable and credible sources. Other stories can vary on specifics, but most of them are fairly consistent with the description and behavior of this creature, which begs the question: Is it possible that Bigfoot exists and roams through forests to this day?

The world may never truly know.

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