Bezos Donates Billions

The Amazon CEO and billionaire, Jeff Bezos has announced on his Instagram that he has pledged 10 billion dollars towards climate change. In his eyes, climate change is the biggest problem facing the world today. His fund will support scientists, activists and anything he

sees as having a real possibility at helping save the Earth and reverse the damage.

Many people are happy to see Bezos, the richest man in the world, finally make a real effort towards what's best for mankind - others are criticizing him for using it as a facade to

improve his public image since being exposed as an abusive employer and major contributor to pollution.

It is unclear exactly where the 10 billion dollars will go, but he stated that he will be issuing grants to his philanthropy fund this summer. There are speculations that most of it will go towards the research of the effects of climate change on the Earth, which is a big step towards taking action and changing our stride on this world.

Despite people's arguments and heavy criticism against Bezos, it's undeniable that the donation of 10 billion of his own money will make a huge benefit in the improvement of our knowledge of climate change and that this will benefit all humans in one way or another.

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