The Area 51 Raid is Coming Up. What You Should Know and If You Should Go

By Kyndle Fly


Approximately two million U.S. citizens have signed themselves up to raid Area 51 on Sept. 20. With that date looming, conspiracies buzzing and the government preparing, the student body has a lot to say about it.

Matty Roberts, the man who started the Facebook page, initiated it as a joke, but it has become much more than he expected. With specific dates, times and goals in mind, the rather large group is ready to storm Area 51’s doors full speed ahead.

What You Should Know

Not much is actually known about Area 51, hence the raid, other then the popular conspiracy theories surrounding it.

What is known is only the most basic information- where, what and who:

It is located in Groom Lake, Nev. north of Las Vegas.

It is a military facility run by Edwards Air Force Base that, according to CIA files, is used to test experimental aircraft.

And finally, the public has zero access to it, and even the people who work there have to fly in on unmarked planes due to the level of security.

The government did not even officially acknowledge its existence until June of 2013, and according to the article “What Is Known (and Not Known) About Area 51” from Britannica, “Until recently, satellite imagery of the installation was censored. As of 2018, Area 51 is visible on Google Maps.”

The conspiracy theories, however, have been known for much longer. A man named Robert Lazar essentially started the popular theory of aliens and UFOs surrounding Area 51. In the aforementioned article, it states “In 1989 a man named Robert (“Bob”) Lazar claimed he worked on extraterrestrial technology inside Area 51.” Even though later he was discredited, his initial statement is what began the wildfire of theories people know and love today.

If You Should Go

Whether they knew all the facts or not, students from all around the school gave their point of view on the matter of raiding Area 51. Is it a good idea or bad idea, and why?

A school-wide survey was sent out to see how the student body feels as a whole on the idea. A total of 48 surveys were responded to, and the opinions were almost completely split. 37.5% of the student body thinks the raid is a bad idea, and 39.6% believes it’s a good idea. The difference was one person (the remaining 22.9% wasn’t sure how they felt about it).

During Club Rush, three freshmen responded to the questions, and their answers were unanimous. “It is a bad idea,” “It would not turn out great,” they said. For the most part, they all believed this because they were pretty sure they would get killed in the process of the raid.

In the end, the deciding factor between whether it is a good or bad idea turned out to be how badly the participants wanted to see the “aliens.” Students who thought it was a bad idea tended to see the idea as dangerous or plain stupid.

One student claimed, “All the people are going to be shot and killed by law enforcement, as they know the exact date, time, and details.”

On the other hand, students who thought it was a good idea would agree that seeing extraterrestrial beings or finding out the truth about Area 51 is more important.

“We need to know what the government is hiding in the dark, secluded recesses of America,” a junior stated.

Looks like Area 51 better watch out, because here comes half of MJHS!

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