Alternative Albums New This Season

By Destiny Mizell


The year 2019 is almost over and while that may be bittersweet, the albums releasing this year will help people forget the “bitter” part.

The earliest album that is coming out towards the end of this year is the metal band Tool’s album, Fear Inoculum, on Aug. 30, 2019. Metalheads around the world are thrilled for the new release since it will be Tool’s first album in 13 years. Fear Inoculum, the ninth addition to Tool’d discography, will be a heavily anticipated album after years of demand and nostalgia from fans.

The next album is K-12 by the solo female artist, Melanie Martinez set to be released on Sept. 6, 2019. Martinez’ style seems relatively the same as her first album, Crybaby, in regards to her music’s upbeat sound accompanied by dark undertones. The titles of all K-12’s tracks follow a schoolhouse theme, which corresponds to the title. Fans are looking forward to the alternative artist’s creative masterpiece.

Following 14 days later, Blink-182’s eighth album will be released on Sept. 20, 2019. Although this will be the trio’s eighth album, it is titled Nine. The band has already leaked three songs called “Happy Days,” “Blame It On My Youth” and “Darkside.” Judging by the leaked tracks, this album will be much like their previous album California, but with less of a pop attitude and more alternative undertones. Blink-182 fans cannot wait to hear the other twelve tracks of the band’s album.

Another trio, Highly Suspect, will be releasing an album this fall as well. MCID will be available Nov. 1, 2019. MCID, or “My Crew is Dope,” has been the band’s slogan for years. Old and new fans “highly suspect” this album to blow their minds.

There are a few more bands and artists dropping albums this year, but the release dates are to be announced. These musicians include Coldplay, Tame Impala, Halsey, Rob Zombie and The Who.

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