A.I. on the Rise

According to the World Health Organization, over one million people die every year due to automobile accidents. Additionally, over half of cancer patients find out about their disease too late, according to Cancer Research UK. These problems can be solved by smart technology, which can decrease numbers of irreversible errors and lessen human fatalities and hardships.

There are forms of smart technology known as smart sensors which help detect human health, such as Fitbits, vehicles and traffic cameras. The system that is used by these devices is referred to as "The Internet of Things," which connects these smart devices so that data can be stored and used. Devices that use this system are on the rise. From video recording doorbells to tablet screens on refrigerators, we are more informed and notified than ever before. Many large tech companies have begun investing in the future of smart technology, such as Amazon, Google to Apple.

While the number of devices being used to record and track data is increasing and as smarter artificial intelligence is created every day, A.I. will progressively become more attuned to predicting human behavior and preventing human error through alerts. Everything from smart cars to smart roads are being tested globally to help save human lives by preventing human error. While these infrastructure upgrades would be very costly due to the level of renovation required, the advancements seem inevitable.

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