If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This school year’s teacher appreciation week, also known as thank a teacher week took place from May 6 to 10!

In the US, teacher appreciation started to be celebrated for only one day in 1953. This day was originally on March 7.

Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded Congress to set apart a day of the year to recognize all teachers and educators.

It didn’t become a national holiday until 1980, after the National Education Association lobbied Congress. In 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association expanded the holiday into a week and moved it to the month of May.

Teacher appreciation week is incredibly important because teachers work hard every day to educate, guide, encourage and inspire their students. Teachers help open doors for student’s futures and that’s something every student and parent should be grateful for.

Teachers have a bigger responsibility than most people know. “There’s just a lot of things to do. I think balancing planning, grading, managing students, making sure to email parents, taking attendance and also turning in my HB office, etc. adds up,” said Ms. Lawton, an English and Newspaper Journalism teacher here at MJHS.

Being an educator is significant to the world in many ways. “The next generation is what the country is going to be built on soon, so getting to pour what we know and have learned to the next group of people is important to keep the world running well. I feel like school is an important place to push themselves and make sure that they are educated for what they are doing next in life,” said Lawton.

No matter how difficult and serious teaching can be, it seems to have its rewards. “I love getting to know my students. I love watching them grow up and realize things about life. Teaching wise, it’s also cool to see student’s get more confident in what they’re doing and improve,” Lawton added.

This shows that teachers need to be recognized and appreciated more for what they do.

Even our principal, Mrs. Rainey showed her appreciation by making an announcement over the intercom and bringing gifts for the teachers in their break room each day of the week.

On Monday, the teachers got ice cream floats. Tuesday included neck massages and small snacks. On Wednesday, a Kona Ice food truck came to the school for teachers to get free snow cones. Thursday had specialty donuts from Nashville and Friday included more donuts and cake.

If you’re struggling to think of ways you can show appreciation for you teachers, one idea is to buy or make gifts.

“I got a fuzzy blanket one time from my student Lily. That was so great! It’s still on my couch, I use it all the time,” said Lawton.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money or want to give your teachers something with a more personal touch, you could make a craft or even write a note to show your appreciation.

“I feel like something that involves someone putting a lot of effort in feels different to me, rather than buying something. Of course I do appreciate everything, but those stand out to me more,” said Lawton.

If you missed teacher appreciation week or simply forgot it, there is never a wrong time to thank a teacher for the hard work they put in!

A huge thank you to all the teachers and educators in the world. If it wasn’t for you, youth like us couldn’t even read or write this!

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