Want to Have Fun and Get Paid Over Summer Break? Get a Summer Job!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

High schoolers are at the time and age where money is a necessity in their daily life. In order to buy a car, spend time with friends or save up for the newest iPhone model, teenagers need cash. In order for them to make that cash, they have to take the time to get a job or steady source of income. Unfortunately, getting a job can sometimes interfere with school and other activities, so the best time to apply for one is over summer break.

Having a job in the summertime comes with many advantages. For one, with a summer job, you will most likely be working outside. Luckily, several scientific studies have proven that working outdoors lowers blood pressure and stress levels. Along with that, you could get a nice tan by the end of the summer from working outside for hours and hours each shift.

Nashville Shores and Wave Country are both great places to consider when looking for job positions outdoors. One downside, however, to working as a lifeguard at either water park is the pressure that comes with having young children’s lives in your hands. Do not be alarmed, as it can also be a super rewarding if you happen to save someone’s life.

Many have claimed that Wave Country is less demanding than Nashville Shores due to its smaller park area. Either way, you should be prepared for strenuous activity at every shift.

If being outdoors all day is not for you, do not fret! Babysitting is an indoor job that allows you to gain trust from various families within the community.

Trust is something you will need to gain for any paying position. After all, they are trusting you with either money, children or a business - things that require great care and responsibility. Employers put their faith in you, so you need to live up to that faith no matter what it is they put you in charge of.

The most important thing to do when searching for employment - whether filling out an application or attending an interview - is to be respectful and to be yourself. Yes, you should get a job in order to make money, but you should also get a job so that you learn important life skills that you can use later in the future.

Source: American Red Cross

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