The One Where MJHS Hosts Another Successful Prom

On April 27, MJHS hosted its junior/senior prom at the Music City Center in Downtown Nashville, which just so happened to be the same night as the NFL draft, a Jimmy Buffet concert and two more proms going on downtown.

Parents and students were really worried about the many events going on in Nashville that night, hoping it wouldn’t affect traffic, parking or dinner reservations. Luckily, everything turned out just fine.

The theme this year for MJHS’s prom was “Friends,” the super popular TV sitcom from the early 2000s. Decorations consisted of the famous couch the cast sits on in the intro of every episode and the fountain behind it, as well as also making it look like the coffee shop, Central Perk. People had mixed responses about the theme and decorations this year.

“The theme of friends was very unappealing to me because it felt more like a party theme rather than a prom,” said Roland Carter.

“I didn’t really like the friends theme personally because I never watched the show and I feel like they outdid it with the decorations this year,” said Brilie Hoskins.

Lilly Davison a senior at MJHS and a member of prom committee had some positive things to say about the theme this year.

“I had a splendid time at prom this year; we were just bumping and jumping and grooving and moving! I was pleasantly surprised by the theme this year; I think the decorations fit well with the theme.”

“I didn’t mind it. I thought it was appropriate for the class graduating,” Lyn Mullins said.

This years prom court consisted of Cage Ellis, Bryan Aiken, Marcello Walton, Maddie Smith, Grace Pulliam and Abigail Williams. The winners of prom king and queen were Bryan Aiken and Maddie Smith. Prom prince and princess was won by Avery Leggit and Lindsey Atkinson. Congratulations to our winners this year!

A fun little surprise was that Nashville set off fireworks after the final pick of the 2019 NFL Draft around 8:30, which the Music City Center luckily had a great view of! Another good surprise was that Nashville wasn’t as crowded as everyone expected, traffic wasn’t crazy and neither was finding parking, despite all the events going on.

Thank you to our prom committee, decoration committee and our sponsors for another successful prom for MJHS.

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