The Class of 2019 Had Fun with This Year's Senior Prank

Some of the most exciting activities during high school, especially for the seniors, are senior pranks.

Senior pranks are harmless and organized practical jokes that are orchestrated by the senior class that typically take place towards the end of the school year. These pranks are usually a tradition for schools and are used to let the seniors make their final mark upon the school. The main thing that the students have to think about is whether or not their prank would cause any actual damage or inconvenience towards the school.

A few common, innocent senior pranks that have been done in the past are: filling the hallways with balloons, sticking Post-It notes on the walls, turning every chair upside down, or even setting up a specific time for all seniors to get up and start to dance.

Some senior pranks that have been done, but would be considered unacceptable and improper, are: releasing any animals throughout the school, trashing the halls and/or classrooms, toilet papering the school, etc.

At MJHS, the class of 2019 orchestrated a simple, yet fun senior prank idea: decorating the outside of the school and parking lots with colorful chalk.

A senior at MJHS says: “I thought it was fun and creative; it was fun to be able to draw with chalk on our parking spots since we won’t be here next year to paint them.”

Senior pranks are a delightful way for the seniors to get together and come up with a quirky idea to ‘prank’ the school, which every school should consider allowing. With senior pranks, the eldest class gets to participate in a fun activity and say their final goodbye before they graduate.

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