JROTC Pulls Out the Big Guns With Their Award Ceremony

On Tuesday April 30, 2019, MJHS JROTC held an award ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the cadets involved in the program.

For those of you who don’t already know what JROTC is, JROTC is a military-regulated program offered to high school students to teach them about leadership and confidence and motivate them to be better American citizens.

The MJHS JROTC award ceremony is an event that takes weeks to plan and set up. The cadets, Major Intili and Sgt Major Clark showed dedication and endurance through these weeks, maybe even months, of work.

“It took a lot to plan out this event, like the people that would attend and hand out awards, the music, the awards being presented and even just the little things were important. As you can imagine, there were a lot of aspects to take into consideration,” said Cadet Sergeant Major Logan Bechard.

Presenting some of the awards were recruiters, Majo, and Sgt Major.

“Some awards were given by the Sergent Major and Major but mostly it was recruiters and marines giving out the awards,” said Cadet Bechard.

The awards given out showed the cadets’ commitment and dedication to the program. It is a very competitive field.

“You can definitely see throughout the year which cadets are dedicated and which aren’t as dedicated. There are awards given out to the best cadet is certain aspects. It is interesting to see which cadets get what because some are chosen legit just a decimal off,” said Cadet Commanding Officer Anthony Cash.

Some of the seniors have mixed emotions with leaving next year.

“Though I’m a little sad with not being in the program anymore, I’m glad to be taking my next step in life which is enlisting. I thank Major, Sergent Major and the JROTC program at MJHS for preparing and inspiring me in this step in my life,” said Cadet Executive Officer Thomas Hollinger.

Cadet Anthony Cash also gave a speech at the award ceremony elaborating on the true meaning of JROTC and what it meant to him.

“I’m excited to be going to college, even though I will miss the program and Tenn. Without the help of JROTC at MJHS, I wouldn’t be who and where I am today. The program has taught me leadership, history, confidence and so much more that I can’t name at the moment. The people involved in the program are more than just acquaintances, we are a family and I’m very thankful to have had that in my life,” said Cadet Cash.

There will be another ceremony announcing what leadership positions rising cadets will receive. The date isn’t official yet but once announced, make sure to go support the JROTC program!

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