Lorraine Warren Haunted Us in Both Life and Death

Lorraine Warren died in her sleep at home on Thursday, April 18 at the age of 92. The death of the famous paranormal investigator was announced to the public the next day.

She and her husband Ed, who died in 2006, spent much of their lives traveling the world to research the paranormal and write about their experiences. They were some of America’s most well-known ghost hunters and, in turn, they left a legacy behind.

The death of Lorraine was announced by her son-in-law, Tony Spera.

“It is with deep sadness that I must announce that Lorraine Warren has passed away,” he said on Facebook.

Ed and Lorraine founded The New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952, and it continues to operate to this day.

In a statement on Facebook, the society said, “The NESPR team regretfully announces the passing of our loving teacher, mentor, friend, mother, Lorraine.”

The society is the oldest paranormal investigation group in New England. With a variety of individuals, including police officers and members of clergy, they investigate paranormal cases in and around New England.

The Warrens’ investigated many popular and controversial cases in their time. Some notable ones include the Smurl family and the Snedeker house.

Amid their legacy, many movies have been inspired by their work. The case they were most famously known for was Amityville. It became the basis for the book “Amityville Horror.”

This was later adapted the 1979 and 2005 movies of the same name.

Recently, more movies have been made about their experiences. “The Conjuring” universe is a series of films that are based on their cases at different locations. “The Conjuring” began it and featured a take on the Perron family case. Their home was believed to be haunted by a witch who lived there years before. The movie was a hit, so it instigated the makers to create more surrounding the Warrens.

“The Conjuring 2” was based on their case, The Enfield Poltergeist. It followed a family in a North London suburb. The Warrens believed that the family was being haunted by demons. However, there is controversy around this case, as many say the Warrens were barely involved and that is was most likely a hoax.

Also in the Conjuring universe are the Annabelle movies. Ed and Lorraine had taken the doll from two roommates in 1968 who claimed the doll was possessed by a spirit of a young girl. The Warrens eventually put the doll up for display in their occult museum. This inspired the movie “Annabelle,” and its prequel “Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home,” which is expected to come out this summer.

With published books, an occult museum and their inspired movies, the Warren’s certainly left a legacy behind them.

Source: Bloomberg

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