How You Can Support Our Newspaper and Underappreciated Artists at MJHS

There are a number of students and organizations at Mount Juliet High School that do not receive the recognition they so completely deserve. Because of this, most are unaware of the literary magazine and all of the hard work that goes into putting it together.

The MJHS newspaper’s fourth edition of the literary magazine showcases short stories and artwork, as well as poems and other literary works all created by a handful of MJ’s very own talented students.

The magazine was designed and edited for the second year in a row by seniors Emma Sherk and Maya Bender and headed by the newspaper’s fearless leader, Ms. Lawton. With 22 pages full of unique literary work, this year’s edition of “The Roar” is rumored to be the best yet.

“It’s much more cohesive because we have a theme, and the design is much more aesthetically pleasing,” said Sherk.

The theme mentioned is Opposition. In other words, every two pages feature artwork and/or stories that contrast each other. For example, on pages three and four are two pieces by senior Simone Atkinson titled “Adam” and “Eve” respectively. The paintings are similar in style, but polar opposites in color and in the emotion expressed through the art.

Want to see Simone’s work? Pick up a literary magazine during lunch or before school for only three dollars. If you’re lucky, you might buy the magazine with one of two hidden Chick-fil-A gift cards.

When you purchase your copy of the literary magazine, not only are you supporting the journalism program at school, but you are also giving credit long overdue to the student artists whose work is often overshadowed by the multitudes of MJ’s sports and academic achievements.

“It’s important for people to feel like they have a voice in our school,” said Bender.

So before you brush the magazine off as “something that isn’t worth the three dollars,” remember the students who worked so incredibly hard to make “The Roar” a masterpiece of inclusion and a showcase of gifts for this school to be proud of.

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