If You Want to Waste Two Hours of Your Life, Watch Netflix's New Cliched, Plot-less Rom Com “The

I think I am going to have to watch the movie again before I write this review because “The Perfect Date” was that forgettable. Though I really would rather not have to sit through it a second time. Netflix has produced a number of great shows and movies, but in my opinion, this one was a bust.

“The Perfect Date” follows a senior boy in high school as he seeks a successful, materialistic life. Brooks Rattigan, played by teen heartthrob Noah Centineo, wants more than anything (at least I think more than anything; I don’t know much about him as he was very underdeveloped) to go to Yale University. It wasn’t clear if he cared enough about school to get the grades or really had any characteristics about him that an Ivy League would want, but he seemed to be mostly worried about just writing a good essay and being able to pay for tuition.

After getting paid by a classmate to take said classmate’s cousin to a dance, Brooks gets the idea to start a “stand-in” business in which he plays a role like a date to homecoming or an annoying boyfriend for pay. His best friend, who was a two-dimensional gay token character used to make the film seem more progressive, created an app for people to request Brooks as a “stand-in.”

Using another app created by his friend Murphy, he tracks how much money he makes and how close he is to paying for Yale’s tuition. At one point, he says he is getting close. Apparently you can be a “stand-in” for a couple weeks and make enough to afford $70,000 every year for four years.

Although the acting was fine, the script was awkward and unconvincing. The banter that was supposed to be witty was boring and flat. The characters had no personality or voice, other than mediocre sarcasm. Celia, played by Laura Marano, is supposed be an edgy feminist who reads, but the character is just a lame attempt at the cliche girl “who isn’t like other girls.”

It is a mystery why the two main characters even ended up together because they had zero chemistry. Their conversations were short and boring, and after some events of the movie that involve Brooks being a terrible person, it makes no sense how the two somehow fulfill the predictable love story.

“The Perfect Date” is ranked around the same as “The Kissing Booth” and “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” on my list of terrible Netflix movies. All three teen rom coms portray unhealthy relationships and flat characters. Noah Centineo has dazzled many with his recent work, and a large number of people think he is the ultimate heartthrob, however his most recent film “The Perfect Date” was anything but impressive or dazzling.

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