Holy Guacamole! The U.S. Could Run Out of Avocados in Weeks if the Mexico/U.S. Border Closes

Avocados are one of the most commonly used/eaten fruits (Yes, it is a fruit. I googled it.) for just about every meal you devour. From avocado toast to guacamole, Americans love eating avocados. What would we do without them?

An avocado is produced on a tree and is a member of the flowering plant, Lauraceae. Avocados are a good fat food option that can lower cholesterol levels and reduce the chances of a heart attack and strokes. An avocado a day keeps the heart attacks away.

The United States heavily relies on avocado goods from Mexico along with other fruits, vegetables and alcohol that meet our consumer needs. Around 4.25 billion avocados are consumed every year weighing in at 1.9 billion pounds.

In roughly three weeks, if the Mexico border and imports close, Americans would run out of avocados. California buys and consumes the most avocados in all 50 states. What would happen to the Cali girls and their toast?

Currently, California, populated by avocado lovers, is in the process of growing avocados to distribute, but it’ll take some time before it reaches that stage of getting avocados from California due to a decrease in water supply.

A few other southern states are capable of growing avocados as well, but it’s not reliable due to weather changes and having an avocado ‘farm’ would take a long time to grow. This is a life threatening event that could happen at any time to America and all of the avocado lovers. (Send help.)

Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. imported vegetables and fruits are imported from Mexico including: tomatoes, cucumbers and raspberries, blackberries and more. President Trump has been continuously threatening to close the Mexico/U.S. borders, but for now it’s open so grab your lifetime supply of avocados before the border closes and the prices increase.

Every avocado counts. Make your toast. Dip your tortilla chips. Blend a smoothie. Eat an avocado.

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