Another One Already?

It’s no big surprise that Apple is already planning another launch for a new iPhone. The real question is how much will it cost and is it worth the price with all the new features?

Rumors say that Apple will come out with three versions like usual, and like previous iPhones the general style will stay the same, except for things like the camera, color of iPhone and the way it can charge.

iPhones are constantly coming out with new models and often come out with about three at a time. The most recent iPhone released was the iPhone X, iPhone XR and the iPhone XS. This came out for the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone. This iPhone blew people’s minds with its facial recognition, not having a home button and having the camera vertically on the back instead of horizontally.

Apple has some pretty cool new features coming with the iPhone 11. It will let you transfer battery to a friend’s iPhone 11 by simply placing the backs of the phones together. Also, the camera will be a square with a ring light flash around the camera instead of it being separate and it will come in shades of blue.

A big question is will it be worth the price? Rumors have said that it won’t be a big difference in cost from the iPhone X when it was released last year. And most carriers run deals where you can lease the phone to make payments and such. Even if it isn’t worth the price, tons of people will buy it because it’s name brand and cool looking features.

Apple isn’t the first company to think of some of the new features for the iPhone 11, though. Features such as transferable charging have already been thought of. Sony got a patent to swipe battery life from another phone in 2017, but have yet to make it happen.

Apple has not set anything in stone yet, but these rumors are based off past iPhones, and Apple usually sticks with the same pattern. And like always, as soon as Apple comes out with the 11, multiple companies will be upping their game as well with similar features. So if you’re not trying to spend 1,000 big ones on the new 11, keep an eye out for these cool similarities in other brands of phones. More information will be known to the public closer to September, which is said to be the release date.

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