Will President Trump Win the 2020 Election?

With the term of everyone’s favorite president nearing its end, many are eager to know what President Trump will be pushing in his campaign for the 2020 presidential election. Trump filed his reelection campaign the day of his inauguration, which is unusually early for a current president. It seems he did not even care to wait and see how royally he would mess up the country before making the decision that he should remain in office another four years after his first term.

Trump’s strategy for reelection includes some interesting components that he hopes will leave him a winner in 2020. He plans to put emphasis on issues like the humanitarian crisis at the border -- no surprise there -- and one that no one could have expected: the environment.

He has claimed that wind turbines cause cancer and pulled the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change; however, White House press secretary Judd Deere and a report from Bloomberg suggested that Trump is putting together a list of environmental success stories for his run because apparently now Trump believes you can both “grow the economy and protect the environment.”

Despite decreasing regulations on emissions and resuming the sale of coal for energy, Trump will be highlighting his “green” policies in order to win over the swing voters who have not supported him in the past. Among these environmental achievements are a decline in greenhouse gas emissions during his first year as president, a plan to replace former president Obama’s Clean Power Plan and finishing a review of air quality limits for ozone and particulates.

Many are rightly pointing out that his lacking history of environmental activism and skeptic tweets about climate change actually sabotage his strategy.

Senior adviser to the NRDC Action Fund, which defends clean air and water and fights for the environment, John Walke told Bloomberg, “The Trump administration’s discussion of air pollution and climate pollution both suffer from two realities. First, the administration has nothing to do with decreasing emissions, and second, their rollback agenda is increasing dangerous air pollution and climate pollution. Once that’s established, all the rhetoric just collapses.”

Voters are increasingly caring about the environment, so Trump’s claims may pull some people in. Hopefully most, however, recognize Trump’s administration will just be taking credit for “green achievements” that he has no real claim to.

In addition to Trump’s monumental work for the environment, he will be focusing his campaign on immigration and the crisis at the border. He revealed this part of his strategy at a fundraiser in Texas on Wednesday, April 10.

Claiming similar ideas from the 2016 presidential election and the 2018 elections, Trump expressed that Mexico will have a to “pay a very big price in 2020,” and that the immigrants are criminals that may need to be repelled with military force. He even commented on the constraints of the military at the border, wishing they could be “a little rough.”

The Washington Post noted that Trump has “lied endlessly to criminalize [immigrants]” and is dramatizing the danger they pose. Trump wants to scare people who are unaware of the fact that most immigrants are generally peaceful and will work the jobs others refuse to take into supporting his outrageous plans for border security.

The addition to his immigration policy for the 2020 election is a plot to make the initial screening in which families, even those who do not qualify for asylum, able to enter the US harder to pass. Trump plans to filter that number more and gain the right to detain families indefinitely.

Trump thinks that making the asylum crisis worse will help him in the election; however, this central issue in the 2018 elections hurt many Republican candidates. According to The Washington Post, Trump’s immigration focus cost some Republicans the suburbs.

There is a slew of candidates who announced their run against Trump, so it is unclear if one will become the one everyone will stand behind. With President Trump’s low approval rating, many are hopeful that he will not be elected for another term. However, the ignorance of the nation is outstanding, so the promises being made for the 2020 election could make it go either way.

Source: NBC News

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