Oh, How the Tables Have Turned

Everyone loves a happy ending, and now we finally have one. Our childhood memories are not just memories anymore. The Jonas Brothers are back together and already put out a new song called “Sucker” with the music video starring them and their wives. They broke the news to the public by recreating an old video of Nick and Kevin turning a table and Joe coming into the room and saying, “Oh, how the tables have turned.” In the new video, they added a banner that said “We’re back”.

Another childhood favorite with a possible resurgence is Drake and Josh. The TV stars, Josh Peck and Drake Bell, had some drama in 2017 over Peck deciding to not invite Bell to his wedding. Social media went crazy questioning where Bell was and why he was not invited. Bell even took to social media questioning Josh about not being invited. After about a year they made up and posted a picture with the caption “hug me brotha” and all was good.

Another event that had happened recently was Miley Cyrus cutting and dying her hair like her old Hannah Montana wig. She posted the picture on her Instagram story last week with the caption “Hannah is punk now.” Everyone is asking for a Hannah Montana reunion and hopefully if we beg enough, it will happen. Although, after Miley was done being Hannah Montana, she decided to venture out and explore the music industry. Her music definitely was no longer kid friendly, and more PG-13.To some people, they think she went crazy, but to others, she was finally expressing who she was. Now that she is a little older, she isn’t swinging on wrecking balls naked, but she still expresses her individuality.

Now that the Jonas Brothers are reunited, we’re expecting nothing less from our other favorite Disney Channel shows - maybe even from One Direction. Maybe younger kids will finally get to be able to experience a piece of our childhood that brings us so much joy.

Source: Us Weekly

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