Spring Young Adult Books Blooming Your Way

Several young adult books have been released this past March to kick off the spring novel season. Yay! Hold on to your bookmarks book worms because there are a lot of new books to read in store for you.

“Heroine” by Mindy McGinnis:

“Heroine” kicks off the list as a popular favorite! Mickey, the female lead, has gotten into car crash just before softball season. She has to find a way to hold onto her spot as the catcher while her team pressures and expects her to win the tournament. Mickey decides to take the pain killers she has been prescribed from her injury to ease not only her physical pain, but her emotional pain as well. Eventually, she makes new friends - who are injured athletes as well - and she finds peace. It seems as if she was on the road to recovery. However, as she feels more and more pressured to be the Mickey Catalan she was before, her craving for painkillers increase. Her addiction goes from something to keep the pain away to something she feels she absolutely needs.

“Finding Felicity” by Stacey Kade:

This fresh release is centered around a girl named Caroline Sands. Recently, her parents got divorced, so now she lives in sunny Arizona. Caroline is socially awkward in school, and her mom often worries about her. In an attempt to make her mother stop worrying about her, she decides to make up friends using characters from a movie called “Felicity.” She eventually has to go to college, and she must reluctantly leave her “old” life behind. Once Caroline’s mom finds out about her so called “friends,” she forces Caroline to make real-life friends within the first semester of college. Her mother threatens her with the idea that if she doesn’t make real friends and be normal, she will have to go back to living at home and undergo a lot of therapy. In response, Caroline complies and realizes that the real world is very complicated place, so she must try to find a place where she truly belongs.

“You Owe Me a Murder” by Eileen Cook:

If you have read “One Of us is Lying” by Karen M McManus, this book is perfect for you! “You Owe Me a Murder” is about a 17-year-old girl named Kim. Kim’s boyfriend breaks up with her for another girl who spiked his interest. After the breakup, she is miserably stuck on a class trip to London with her ex-boyfriend and his newfound soulmate. Out of frustration and betrayal, Kim sometimes wishes that her ex would just die. Kim eventually befriends a troubled girl named Nicki because Nicki will always listen to all of her problems and boy troubles. Nicki has quite a sense of humor and jokes a lot. One day she even jokes about swapping murders for/with Kim. Kim jokingly plays along and agrees, that is until, her ex is murdered. Kim is then blackmailed by Nicki. Nicki expects Kim to fill her end of the bargain. Will Kim will have to commit a murder or take the blame for her ex-boyfriend’s?

“If I’m Being Honest” by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund- Broka:

This novel has yet to be released, but looks too good not to include. Cameron Bright is Queen Bee at her private LA high school. This girl is known for her brutal honesty and harshness. One day, she goes too far and she talks badly about her crush, Andrew. She fears she will lose him forever. This book is expected by April 23, 2019.

So if you love to read, grab your wallet and head out to any bookstore or library near you to find these great new releases!


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