What do you Meme?

Believe it or not, there was once a time when memes were simple, and it was easy to understand the humor behind them. Now, in 2019, memes are so advanced that it takes prior knowledge of older memes to understand the newer ones.

There used to be an app where many got their memes from called iFunny, which rarely anyone uses anymore because the simple memes are just no longer humorous to teens. A lot of memes have their time in the light, but a few weeks later are forgotten due to another meme’s rising popularity. People base most of their memes now on a certain celebrity they’re making fun of, compared to how back in 2010 memes were based around “trolls.” Teens also build off certain complicated formats of memes and make it their own, unlike how back in 2010, people used the same simple formats and just reposted them.

For example, a “complicated” meme would have multiple memes in one image. You need prior knowledge of other past memes to get the humor behind it. The 2010 memes are more geared toward relatable content while 2019 memes relate to absolutely nothing.

Hannah Schreader, also a junior at MJHS, mentioned, “Memes are a lot more funny now then they used to be.”

People now make whole social media pages dedicated to current memes and videos. They get thousands to millions of followers, and they just post memes. To people who might not be as dedicated to memes as some, it might look like teens are starting to lose their minds, but it’s just most teens’ sense of humor now. If you are ever wanting to understand the general knowledge of memes, YouTube videos are posted where people will explain them to you.

If you’re still into the old memes, then you do you - there is nothing wrong with enjoying some simple relatable humor. Even so, memes have changed significantly over time and meme culture shows no signs of slowing down.

Source: Vox

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