"Apex Legends" Becomes Legendary

As many of you may know by now, gaming is becoming more and more popular. One genre has been explosively popular in recent years. This genre is “Battle Royale” games, and the king of this genre has been “Fortnite” for the past two years. Recently, there has been a newcomer that is attempting to snatch away that title: “Apex Legends.” Is this arrival signaling the end of the long-standing King “Fortnite,” or is it just a one and done deal?

Here’s what you need to know if you want to pick the right game to play. Keep in mind that they are both free to play, so trying both is an option.

“Apex Legends” currently has 50 million players. The game itself is in first person point of view. (you see what your character sees). You must play in a team of three and pick from a roster of eight characters, all of whom have special abilities. The structures like buildings and huts are indestructible (other than doors, which you can break down to stun an enemy.) Lastly, the game is made so you can be revived, given that your team gets your banner that is dropped when enough damage is received and takes it to a beacon. From there, you are back in the match, but your resources are gone.

“‘Apex” has different characters with abilities that make battle more interesting. “Fortnite” has everyone start with equal amounts of nothing and no abilities. Both let you skydive and pick up weapons to use to eliminate others,” says one MJHS student.

“Fortnite” is in third person point of view, which means you can see your character. You can play alone or in a group, have a “skin” (outfit) rather than a particular character, build your own buildings and huts and destroy things like wood and stone that can be reused for building.

“‘Fortnite” is like a stale cookie at this point. “Apex” has different aspects that make it more interesting to play. For example, different players will have different abilities that can complement each other, whereas every player on Fortnite has equal capacity, but not equal skill. There is also less small children with microphones on “Apex,” which makes it very nice.”

Theres are core differences that really make each game its own. For example, like mentioned above, in “Fortnite” once you get eliminated from the game there is no coming back. On the other hand, if you are eliminated in “Apex,” you can be brought back into the game by your teammates. This singular aspect changes how the game is played entirely, although this doesn’t seem to be a huge difference.

This may be what caused the sudden change in popularity and players. The fad for Battle Royale games doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, but “Apex Legends” appears to be taking the crown for the king of Battle Royal games.

Source: Patch Notes

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