Positivity Spreads Everywhere, Even in the Bathrooms!

Recently, some people have been sticking kind messages (e.g., positive Bible verses; positivity notes) on the walls and stalls of the girls’ restrooms. In spite of the fact that whoever is doing this is anonymous, it is very thoughtful of them to leave these messages for everyone to read.

Whenever girls use the restroom, more than half the time, they always stop to mess with their hair, fix their makeup or adjust their clothes in the mirror before they leave. Every single person always has a bad day every once in a while, and small things like messages in the bathroom could make their day a million times better.

Simple acts of kindness like this can impact a person more than you might think it would.

Another thing that people have been leaving in the restrooms are goofy signs that are just for kicks and giggles. Early in the week, there was a Family Guy Role Play Club poster hanging on one of the bathroom stalls, inviting people over to “their house at 7” to meet up (as a joke, obviously). As well as this, there was another poster asking for someone to help them find their missing AirPods. These signs are just all fun and games, but are sure to make at least one person crack a smile.

Positivity comes in many shapes and forms, and it is very important to remember to spread some kindness every once in a while. Always try to do something nice for people, whether it be putting kind messages in the bathrooms, talking to someone that you see standing by themselves, holding the door open for people or even simply smiling at a person when you walk past them. It’s small things like this that can change someone’s whole mood, so I urge you to spread some kindness yourself.

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