How to Prepare for Prom

There’s a good mix of students who will say that their four years of high school was amazing and others who will say they’re glad it’s over. Despite the shared dislike for school, there is one experience that most students look forward to: prom.

Almost every high school student cannot wait until the year they can finally go to prom; the thought of it itself is exhilarating. However, many people can get overwhelmed and stressed out when it’s prom season. Those who have not been to prom before might not know exactly how to prepare prom, so here are some tips to help make the process a little easier.

Finding the Perfect Date

Before you even start to get ready for prom, you need to find yourself a date, whether it be your significant other, a person you have feelings for or a friend/group of friends. It’s always wonderful to do fun things with people we love (romantically or platonically). Even so, having a date is not necessary to go to prom; many people happily go alone, and if you do, you are valid and will have a blast nonetheless.

Buying Your Dress/Tuxedo

One of the best parts of getting ready for prom is searching for the perfect dress or tux! Of course, you’ll need to match with your date as best as you can (e.g., matching the color of the tie with the color of the dress).

Recommended by MJHS Prom Committee, a few places to go prom dress shopping are: The White Room, Glitz and Southern Belle Rose. A few to go tux shopping are: Men’s Wearhouse, J. Crew and Macy’s (and you can even get good shoes at these places as well!)

Make-up, Nails, Hair (oh my!)

This step could quite possibly be a girl’s favorite part of getting ready for prom. The week of prom, most girls tend to get their nails done in a pretty fashion that will match, or enhance, their outfit and/or shoes. The day of prom, girls get their hair done— whether it be straightened, curly, braided or in a simple, cute ponytail or bun.

Prom Pictures

Last, but not least, people tend to get pictures taken before prom. They get pictures taken of them alone, with their date and sometimes even with their parents and/or siblings. You could get these taken professionally, or you can use a home camera and have a relative snap the photos. It’s best to have a nice background in your photo (e.g., sit in front of a water fountain, stand in front of a flower bush).

Have Fun!

Once you get to prom, the main thing to remember is to have fun! High school prom can be a very important memory to many people, so make sure to dance to your favorite songs with your favorite people. On prom night, you own the night; don’t let anybody stop you from making amazing memories.

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