What's Up With the "Frozen 2" Trailer?

Disney’s “Frozen,” released almost five and a half years ago in 2013, quickly became the most popular Disney animated movie to date. Because of its lovable characters, award-winning soundtrack and inspiring storyline about sibling love and empowerment, fans were left wondering if and when there would be a sequel to the dearly beloved film.

Well wait no longer, as Queen Elsa and Princess Anna will be back for a brand new “Frozen 2” movie to be released November of 2019. Don’t whip out your wallets and head to the theater just yet though, because the duo (along with the pair’s friends Olaf, Kristoff and everyone’s favorite reindeer, Sven) is back in an unexpected way.

For starters, the trailer opens with Queen Elsa, donning a sleek jumpsuit in lieu of her usual regal dresses, icing her way across the ocean waves as they crash down around her. Some speculate that because of Elsa’s manner of extreme determination, she is trapped for some unknown reason and fighting her way back to Arendale. Others say she is on Arendale and is just performing some intense training to hone her skills.

The mood of urgency in the scene lead many to believe the former, so maybe there is a threat facing Arendale, forcing Elsa to desperately fight her way back.

Many viewers were surprised by the opening; it sets the tone for the remainder of the trailer and lets us know that there may be a far darker plot to this sequel than the original’s.

“I think it will have a darker background. Maybe Disney believes that since the audience will be older now that they need more mature story lines,” said senior Maya Bender.

In another scene, Kristoff guides Sven and a pack of wild reindeer racing through the woods. It seems as though he is leading them away from a threat; this could be the same threat that Elsa is trying to get to before it reaches her Kingdom.

Moving on through the trailer, we see Anna - cold, tired and alone - leaping over rocks that hover precariously above the raging ocean. Could Anna be on yet another mission to find her sister?

Just after this, the trailer skips to Elsa and Olaf who are caught in a ring of purple and blue flames. How they got there and who created the flames is not clear, but some think that the flames were made by one of the two new characters introduced for a short cameo in the trailer.

The pair, one a young female and one a male, are standing in the forest surrounded by the red and orange colors of fall - colors that clearly are a recurring theme in the trailer. The woman watches as the man is lifted swiftly into the air atop the fallen leaves as if he was shot out of a whale’s blowhole. This means there could be more than one character with magic powers in the upcoming movie.

Finally, the trailer finishes with a wide panoramic view of the whole gang back together, standing on the edge of a cliff, eyes fixated on the endless expanse of trees and fall colors below.

At this point, the signature “Frozen” theme music has intensified, and the movie’s title appears on a black screen with a surge of autumn leaves, signaling the end to the trailer. Or so we thought.

Actually, there is one more clip after the title disappears as the camera follows Anna, Kristoff and Elsa into the dark, misty forest. Suddenly, Anna notices that the crew is being followed and she lunges for Kristoff’s sword before swiping directly at the screen.

It’s unclear who or what she was aiming at, but it’s obvious she was aiming to kill.

If that trailer doesn’t leave you clueless as to what will happen in “Frozen 2,” congratulations because you’re probably the only one who knows what’s going on.

To add to the mystery, Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown have joined the cast of voice actors for the sequel, but the characters they will be voicing are unnamed. My best guess is they will be the voices of the two new male and female characters who made an appearance in the trailer, but everything at this point is just speculation.

Source: YouTube

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