Jonas Brothers Stans Are Burnin' Up Over Possible Reunion

Gen Z and Millennials are going crazy with excitement over the rumor that the Jonas Brothers might be reuniting in 2019. The Jonas Brothers were a rock band popular among younger audiences as they gained fame largely through appearances on Disney Channel. It was comprised of heartthrobs Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas. The band started up in 2005 and broke up in 2013, but has reportedly talked about getting back together this year to make more music.

It has not been officially announced by any of the band members, however a number of sources reported to US Weekly that the brothers feel that now, six years after the split, is the right time to get back together. The brothers flew to London recently, and sources are implying that this was to discuss details of the comeback. New music, a documentary and the change of the band’s name to Jonas are among the particulars.

Rumors originally started in 2018 when their original Instagram account was reactivated. Nick Jonas denied that the group was getting back together then, but he did end up saying “never say never” which left fans hopeful. Now, after rumors have started circulating again with insider information, many believe the reunion with actually happen.

The internet has responded to the news as one would expect. People are emotional and freaking out, and Twitter has blown up with memes and excited comments. Many have shared gifs of people dancing, crying, shaking and more in order to convey their feelings. The amount of tweets and posts about Jonas Brothers clothing and concert memories is unreal and making many feel extremely nostalgic.

Even students at MJHS are happy to hear the news about this possible reunion. Senior Madison Garner was a huge fan of the group while they were together and believes the rumors of the comeback are true. She hopes the band does get back together saying, “I would love for them to do one last tour like the Spice Girls are doing. This would fulfill my childhood dream of getting to go to a Jonas Brothers concert.”

The brothers have not yet announced anything officially, but we are all eager to see if we get to relive our youth through new Jonas Brothers music.


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