Is Disney Becoming Lazy?

From June 7, 2002 to Sept. 7, 2007, Disney aired an animated series adored by children across the world called “Kim Possible.” Kim Possible is “your basic average girl and she’s here to save the world” against supervillians with her sidekick and best friend Ron Stoppable.

On Feb. 15, 2019, a “Kim Possible” live-action movie will be released. In the live-action film, Kim and Ron befriend a fellow high-school student named Athena. After doing so, Athena becomes the newest member of Team Possible, a clique that worships Kim, and soon steals her thunder and trumps her. Along with that, mad scientist Dr. Drakken and his partner-in-crime, Shego, return to Middleton, causing more trouble for Kim Possible.

However, the reactions to the trailer aren’t as positive as Disney had hoped. Many people have said that the new movie will definitely not live up to their expectations, and that the original show will always top the movie.

Many people on social media have said, from only seeing the trailer, that the main actress, Sadie Stanley, does not fit Kim Possible’s personality or appearance at all. Most people are very disappointed with the differences between the live-action film and the original show. For example, in the show, Kim Possible is a secret spy who fights supervillains. In the movie, it’s not a secret that she does this.

Along with “Kim Possible,” Disney has been planning on coming out with more live-action remakes this year, including “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” “Frozen 2” and even another “Mulan” in 2020. Is Disney simply getting lazy with all the remakes? Or are people loving getting to relive their favorite childhood movies?

One student from MJHS said, “I just love Disney movies so much, so I’m excited for any new movie.”

However, another student said, “They keep choosing really bad actors that don’t fit the role. It’s just cringey to watch.”

So will this movie really be entertaining to watch, or will it not even be worth viewing? Nobody will know until Friday, Feb. 15.


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