New Turf, Who Dis?

Recently, MJHS’s football coaches went before the school board to approve the pursuit of funds on behalf of our football department. They are asking for donations and sponsors to help fund the removing of the grass football field in exchange for turf, which is the material that football players usually play on.

Taking care and maintaining good quality grass on the football field has been a struggle and a hindrance for many years, which is a major incentive for the football department to get turf.

“Right now, even though we have one of the top grass services in the state, it [the field] sits on rock. So just like what happened to us in the playoffs and the end of the regular season, when you get rain, it causes it to not be a very good surface. So what we have to do is limit our time out there to potentially just games and limit everyone else's time out there because of the wear and tear on the surface,” said Head Coach Trey Perry.

Many people continuously help with maintaining the field and taking care of it. However, replacing the field with turf will eliminate the need for most of the extra work and will further the possibilities of uses for the field.

Replacing the football field with turf not only benefits the football team, but also the entire community. It opens up opportunities that are not available now and has the potential to bring the community together.

Coach Perry said, “It opens up opportunities for other people in the school. You’ve got P.E. as a possibility, you’ve got the band doing a competition as a possibility, you’ve got soccer because they’re going to put in the soccer lines. TSSAA just introduced lacrosse as a sport, so that’s another possibility. You’ve got the possibility of bringing the youth football back here to play on Saturdays. Right now, it [the field] gets utilized about seven to eight times a year, whereas when it gets turf, it will be used 365 days a year.”

The department has received instant support and has gotten offers from multiple companies/donors who want to help the football team with their dream. MJHS is excited to be able to give back to the community that has been supporting it for years.

“It shows how our program is growing and it shows what we’re doing here. It’s kind of a treat for all of the work that we are putting in,” said football player Zach Delfendahl.

Coach Perry is even working on some extra details that could make a big impact.

“We’ve even talked about branding that could be visible because we’re a flight pattern from Nashville’s airport,” said Perry.

Receiving new turf at MJHS not only impacts the football team, but also the community. The outreach opportunities and the opportunities for MJHS itself are endless.

“It’s an exciting thing to talk about and it’s going to be even more exciting when it becomes a reality,” said Perry.

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