Should School Buses Require Seat Belts?

Over thirty-two states in the US have equipped their school buses with seat belts. This may not seem like a controversial topic. We’re required to wear seat belts in cars, so why not school buses? Even so, scientists have discovered that buses are the safest transportation out of any vehicle out there, making this topic a bit more debatable than it may seem.

Some believe that seat belts should be required, but others think that they could cause children even more harm in the case of a crash.

A fellow student at Mount Juliet High School said, “Buses are unsafe because there are no seat belts to keep kids from standing up on the bus. Also, buses are overpacked, and that is unsafe because some kids are sitting on the floor and risk getting hurt.”

Seat belts would narrow down the amount of kids who can safely ride the bus, as well as keep them from sliding off their seats, but on the other hand, seat belts could put children at even more risk. For instance, you are riding the bus and somehow a fire gets started. As you try to escape, your seat belt gets stuck. How are you going to get out now?

Buses now are much safer than they have been before, so schools are reluctant to spend the money on seat belts. Seat belts would be very expensive to get on every bus. The cost per bus is approximately 8,000 dollars. Whether seat belts would make children safer or not, the main debate is whether they are worth the money.

An anonymous MJHS student said, “I don't think [buses] are "unsafe" necessarily, but I think they could be safer if they did have seat belts.”

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