Black History Month: One Hero at a Time

In honor of Black History Month, we will be doing short synopses every other day about different African Americans who helped shape and change the world.

Synopsis Two: Rosa Parks and Her Role in the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks is most famous for refusing to move from her seat on a bus to the colored section after being asked by the white bus driver. She was arrested.

Because of this injustice, a boycott was organized in which colored people did not ride the buses until they were treated better and were able to sit on any part of the bus. The bus transit company lost a lot of financial stability with the boycott going on and eventually repealed the law of segregation on the buses. This became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

What many history teachers don’t teach you about this incident, though, is that after Parks was arrested, she lost her job and and continuously got death threats. Due to this, Parks and her husband decided to move to Virginia. Later, Parks became a secretary for John Conyers, which was rare for a colored woman. She was very much involved in rallies and other civil rights movements all the way into her late 70’s, when her health started to decline rapidly.

Her husband passed away in 1977, so she moved into a senior home with her mother. Rosa wrote two books in her later years. Parks lived until Oct. 24, 2005. In conclusion, Rosa was a very intelligent woman who fought passionately for what she believed in and was successful.

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