Gillette Speaks Out Against Toxic Masculinity in Their Latest Ad

The once-favored razor company Gillette has received major backlash after releasing their “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” advertisement. The short film points out the dangers of having a “boys will be boys” mindset. Gillette encourages men to change their ways and stand up against bullying, sexual harassment, etc. It turns out some men get very offended when asked to be more respectful to others.

“I’m so sick of this war on masculinity & I’m not alone - with their pathetic man-hating ad, Gillette have just cut their own throat,” Piers Morgan angrily tweeted on Jan. 15.

The ad never said anything about hating men. It simply explains how the male population, as a whole, can improve. Gillette introduces the idea of men holding other men accountable as well as calling each other out when they see a fellow male acting up.

Although men had a thing or two to say about the ad, women did not shy away from expressing their thoughts. According to a statistic from Adweek, 51 percent of women had a joyful reaction to the advertisement while 28 percent had a disgusted reaction. The disgusted reaction was not necessarily targeted to the ad itself, but to the whole idea of “toxic masculinity.”

Twitter has been blown up with all things regarding Gillette and the controversial advertising clip. One user’s tweet (@OhNoSheTwitnt) expressed the different reactions men and women have towards ads telling them how they should act or be.

“Ads for women: Be thin, be thick, love your body, your boobs look bigger in this, dye your hair, embrace your grays, these pants are slimming, be feminine, wear makeup, look natural, hide your age…

Women: K.

Gillette: Men should be less s***ty.

Men: Don’t tell us what to do!” — @OhNoSheTwitnt, Jan. 15.

Needless to say, the ad has given Gillette lots of attention. Though the reviews were quite mixed, one thing is for sure: Never insult a man’s virility.

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