Books vs E-books: Why Books Are the Obvious Choice

In recent years, the race between print books and e-books has heightened. Each one vies for the attention of readers around the globe. Tablet companies mark down prices. Publishing companies create special additions that can only be bought in print. It can be stressful deciding which to purchase, so let me help you. Buy print books.

Libraries filled with actual books are the best places to be. MJHS Media Specialist Brooke Holloway believes that library books are underappreciated. She sees firsthand the lack of people utilizing this resource.

“I think this generation has a strong core of readers. I don't believe the majority of the generation reads enough, but the ones that do really get into it and that's pretty cool,” Holloway said.

Being the sponsor of the school book club, Literary Alliance, she interacts with these readers often.

Avid readers are the ones that know the most about the selection between e-books and print books. Whether people like it or not, most book nerds prefer physical copies to the digital. We have good reasons for it.

Have you ever breathed in an e-book and immediately felt at peace? Yeah, me neither. The only way to get this feeling is to read a print book. Old books give off the smell that make your heart melt. The second you crack one open, you will know you made the right choice.

One of the main reasons dedicated readers buy print book instead is the aesthetic. Books can provide a beautiful way to decorate your shelf, nightstand or in my case, the floor. There is no better feeling than walking in your room after a long day to see your beloved novels placed around your room.

Books don’t die. Imagine this: You are out and about and have some time to read. You are loving this book and are so engrossed in the story that you don’t notice the low battery on your device. Right before you get to the best part, your tablet dies. You don’t have your charger with you. What do you do? If you were just reading a physical book, that would never have happened.

A print book is the perfect gift. You can give your bestie a story that meant something to you. You can give them a limited edition or a used one that has your favorite moments marked. You can’t wrap an e-book. Sure, you can gift a tablet, but it doesn’t have the same meaning as giving a book you love.

We have all heard how staring at screens all day is bad for our eyes. Phones. TV screens. Reading e-books is no better. When you are focused on a screen and reading for hours, your eyes feel it. Eye-strain is a real issue that people need to worry about. Books would never do that to you.

The simple fact is, print books are better. Sure, there are advantages to an e-book, but when it comes down to it, advantages of actual books far outweigh them.

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