“Avengers: Endgame” Trailer Release

The most anticipated movie trailer of the year was finally released. Back in May of this year, “Avengers: Infinity War” shocked fans by leaving only the original six alive. With that new twist, many fans were left wondering what the next movie will be called, as well as how they will get everyone to come back. One question has been answered. The fourth and final installment of the Avengers movies will be “Avengers: Endgame.” This is in reference to Dr. Strange’s famous line from the last movie, “We are in the endgame now.”

With the release of a Marvel trailer comes speculation and theories from fans.

“I think that pretty much everyone who got snapped in the last one will come back. Iron Man will sacrifice himself and Cap will probably die after crying about Peggy Carter,” said an anonymous student.

We know from the cast list that everyone will return; the question is how.

“Well, Tony's out stranded in space with no food or an oxygen supply. Clint is emo, Cap shaved his beard, Thor is also emo but looks to be in a cell of some sort, Loki is dead (for now), Natasha is still pretty cool, Bruce is old, and Ant Man has no idea what's going on. So, everyone is a mess and I'm scared,” they continued.

“I believe that they will not really defeat him, but probably lock him some place where he cannot be opened. I feel like he is too strong to actually be defeated,” said an another anonymous student.

This person may not be far off. As we saw in “Thor: Ragnarok,” it is possible to contain people with godly abilities.

They continued by saying, “I think that they will try to go back in time using the Quantum Realm.”

There are some set photos that confirm this theory.

“I'm fairly certain that either the original guys (Thor, Cap, Iron Man, etc.) will get killed off, or the series will create a multiverse where "our" universe has the newer guys while still leaving the door open for future use of the older guys,” said an anonymous student.

This would open up many possibilities and make things more complicated than needed.

“I'm not much of a theory person, but I assume Captain Marvel is going to show up at some point,” they continued.

Captain Marvel is set to be the most powerful character we have met so far, with Scarlet Witch close behind. If anyone can defeat Thanos, it’s her.

The movie’s official synopsis reads: “Adrift in space with no food or water, Tony Stark sends a message to Pepper Potts as his oxygen supply starts to dwindle. Meanwhile, the remaining Avengers -- Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Bruce Banner -- must figure out a way to bring back their vanquished allies for an epic showdown with Thanos -- the evil demigod who decimated the planet and the universe.“

The film will be released on April 26, 2019.


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