Are You Exempt From Finals?

This is that time of the semester that is either a Mount Juliet High School student’s least anticipated or their favorite. Students of MJHS, finals are upon us.

Each coming semester these same questions are frequently asked: Am I exempt? What days are the exams on? How many days are we allowed to miss again? Does this early dismissal/tardy count against me? How do I calculate my average? Do I need to bring in a note since I’m leaving early?

Don’t stress yourself out even more trying to find out - we have the answers to help.

The exams will be on Dec. 20 and Dec. 21. First and second block exams will be on the morning of the 20. Third and fifth block exams will be on the morning of the 21. Attendance will not be taken those days; however, you will have to have a note in order to leave early.

In order to be exempt from your finals you must have a 90 percent grade average, no ISS/OSS days and you cannot have missed any more than three days. The three or fewer days you missed must be excused.

Calculating your average is simple. All you have to do is add your final grade from the last nine weeks, add it with your grade now and then divide by 2. If your sum is a 90, you are exempt (as long as you meet all of the other requirements of course).

As far as tardies and early dismissals go, they only count against your absences if you missed an entire class period. For example, if you have missed three school days already, but have one early dismissal in your last block, you only get penalized if you missed the entire block.

Lastly, you must bring in a note (with a parent signature) if you plan on leaving early on the 20 and 21 following any exams you have. You can turn your note in to a box that will be placed in the commons on your way out after the morning exams.

A last important note to know is that if you finish a final early, you may not leave until the entire 83 minute block has finished in order to avoid students leaving the building at random times.

Happy testing, MJ! You all will do great. If you’re not testing, enjoy your two-day extended winter break.

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