Prank War Ensues Amongst Sophomore Class

What started as a group of sophomores pranking their old teacher by putting her stapler in Jello, ended up becoming a mini war amongst teachers and students alike.

One morning the week of Dec. 4, Mrs. Liddle, an English teacher at MJHS, came in to find her stapler completely submerged in Jello. This prank comes from “The Office,” her favorite show. The group knew this, which is why they chose this particular prank. It is unclear if they had help in this prank.

“We are trying to do ‘The Office' pranks, because she loves 'The Office,’” says Addison Adcock, a sophomore who was involved in the pranks.

She also said that it was difficult to do many of the pranks from the show, as they would rather not do something that they could get in serious trouble for.

Later that week, an unplanned prank of putting nearly 100 copies of a hand sign in the rooms of Mrs. Adam, Ms. Franke, Mrs. Liddle and the hallway in which they all teach sparked a war between Adam and Franke. After Franke left five of her things in Adam’s room during first block, Adam hid her things around the room. Franke was forced to “play a game” and find her things.

To get back at Adam, Franke contacted her old students by using the Remind text messages. A group of three sophomores (Matt Delfendahl, James Hawks and Bodie Wells) put the plan in motion. They replaced family pictures with pictures of them and took the projector remote, mouse, car keys, water bottle and Arizona state flag that hangs in her room. They also took her coffee, which took her the entire day to find. Finally, they moved the trash can and hole punch stapler. It was called “Operation Midnight Storm.”

“I feel like I was Julius Caesar, and my own students were the Conspirators,” said Adam.

It is unknown if or how Adam will retaliate. Rumors suggest there is a plan in the works.

This war was put on pause until after EOCs because Liddle’s desk was covered in wrapping paper, per Adcock’s idea.

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