NBA Youngboy Shot: Rumors Dismissed

There was a misleading scandal about the rapper NBA Youngboy. The misleading scandal included claims that he was shot and killed.

If you type into a search engine anything about NBA being shot, nothing comes up except for a lot of “fake news” websites. However, one eye-catching article did pop up.

The article exposes the scandal. NBA’s agent, Desmond Hardnett, was the one who was shot and killed right next to his childhood home on Nov. 23, not NBA.

Hardnett happened to be standing with his uncle and some other family members outside. Witnesses claimed that someone drove by multiple times. The person eventually stopped their vehicle not far from where Hardnett was standing and shot at him three times. He dropped immediately to the ground and died before help could arrive.

Hardnett's passion was music, and he adored working with NBA. His family referred to him as the “King of the Family” due to him being so kind and always spoiling his family members. His sister stated that his wife and him were planning on having a baby soon.

If you know what it feels like - the pain of losing someone you love due to them being shot for no reason - you would not spread the false news like this around.

Hearing something that damaging could hurt someone so much more than people tend to think. Someone might assume that their idol is dead just because you decided to spread rumors. Everyone assumes before educating themselves on what really happened.

Fake news is an issue that harms people way more deeply than you might think. People need to consider the reactions and consequences before spreading around something that is not true.

There are too many people in the world being taken away from the people they love. Nobody wants to hear that someone has been shot. Nobody wants to have to grieve, especially if they’re grieving for someone who isn’t really gone.

Just think before you tweet, or post or do anything to spread rumors around. Do not hurt people more than they already are just to receive more attention on social media.

The internet is not worth hurting those around you. Even if you do not know them, just think about how you would feel if you got the news that your idol was dead, just to find out it was fake. Don’t put yourself, nor others, in that position.

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