Live Action "The Lion King" Coming Out Soon

On June 19, 2019, the new live action “The Lion King” is going to be released. After plans for the film were announced back in 2016, fans are all anxious to finally see a new version of the film they enjoyed as children.

Although this film is live action, its trailer and the original trailer are very similar. The only differences between them are that the original trailer is longer and the original is, well, animated.

“Just based off the trailer, it looks really good. I'm not looking forward to watching Mufasa die in HD, though,” one student said.

Many are expecting the new film to be very good because it is live action, yet also supposedly exactly like the original film.

“It’s going to be outstanding, just like the original,” said one student on a recent survey.

In addition, many people are excited for the brand new cast, which includes A-listers like Beyonce and David Glover. The original voice of Mufasa is also in the film, which is a good thing since no one could replace that iconic voice.

However, many are not looking forward to the release of the live action “The Lion King” because they think that a classic is supposed to stay a classic and not be remade.

Additionally, many don’t like that the new “The Lion King” is being called live action since since the whole thing is actually CGI. It’d be kind of hard for them get real lions to star in the film, though.

One student said, “I just don't get the CGI yet live action thing. Maybe Disney should let the classics stay the classics and not mess with perfection.”

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