Students Share Midstate Choir Experiences

Midstate choir consists of the top 25 percent of students in Middle Tennessee who are chosen to be part of an elite choir.

They are chosen through an audition process where many students from different schools learn two pieces of music. They go into an audition room and perform a section of the two pieces in front of a curtain that the judges are behind. After this, they have to sight read 4 measures of music for the judges.

A few days after the audition, students hear if they made the cut. As you can imagine, the audition process can be stressful for the students.

“Oh my God, it was so nerve racking. They have a curtain, but you know the judges are behind there. It is so nerve racking because they are judging you,” said MJHS student Celeste Maas.

After they find out they made the cut, students meet up a few weeks later to practice their pieces of music with everyone who made it. The next day they get to skip school to go work on their pieces for hours. Then in the evening, they perform their music for directors, family, friends and whoever else wants to see it.

Through this experience, most of the students participating had fun, but said it is also very exhausting.

“I really, really enjoyed it because I really love music anyway, but when I can be in a room full of people who also love music and are willing to participate and focus, it’s like a million times was a long day so when I left I was really tired, but I enjoyed pretty much the whole time,” said Tatum Hazel.

Midstate is a great experience that takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Many people audition, but only a few get the opportunity to participate.

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