Is Thanksgiving Becoming a Forgotten Holiday?

Over the years Christmas seems to be overpowering other holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day meant for the endless amounts of gratitude and thankfulness to share with family members.

Michael Ruttlen, pro-Thanksgiving, said “...[For Thanksgiving,] the first thing that comes to mind is my family and getting together and seeing each other.”

Thanksgiving is every fourth Thursday in November and it serves a significant purpose for many families all across America. Celebrating Thanksgiving can be done in various ways, including stocking up the fridge with all the Thanksgiving favorites, decorating dining rooms with turkey plates and of course watching the football games.

Ruttlen said, “My mom puts a scarecrow outside with different color carnival corn and hay.”

Thanksgiving is seen by many as an underappreciated holiday. If you walk into any store the day after Halloween, you walk into a winter wonderland. Thanksgiving decorations are hard to come across when you all you see are ugly Christmas sweaters and Christmas lights filling the aisles.

Caitlin Garrett, pro-Christmas, said,“[Thanksgiving] is a great holiday and very family oriented. I personally just like getting into the ‘Christmas Spirit’ as soon as I can.”

Many people enjoy the Christmas spirit so much that after Halloween, they can’t wait to decorate a Christmas tree. Who can blame them when Christmas is literally everywhere in every store?

Thanksgiving is an important holiday that deserves attention and thankfully is not totally forgotten.

“My family and I still get together for Thanksgiving and celebrate,” Garrett said.

Thanksgiving is still a holiday worth celebrating, not just for eating, but also to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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