MJ Football Moving to Round Three of Playoffs

The Mount Juliet football team has been on a roll lately. Our undefeated streak is still going at 12 and zero, and some are beginning to wonder how far we will go. Though this may worry some, many believe that we will be able to prevail through the challenges thrown at us.

“I really feel like the bears are neck and neck with them [Oakland]; We have an edge in the mindset that we are the underdogs…We have the resilience to persevere,” said senior Chandler Torres.

The football team has persisted for this long, so we the ability to beat Oakland in this highly anticipated match.

“The team has to mentally prepare and be ready to take on a team like Oakland,” said Torres.

This is imperative to win this next match, and it will take a lot of determination and skill. We all believe the Golden Bears have it in them to win this next match. They have the drive and will to win and go onto the next round.

“It will be a tough game, but we always find a way. It’ll be a close game,” said Torres.

It is no doubt that the student body believes that this will be a great challenge, but students are hopeful that we will win.

The students continue to have faith in the team, but people should still go out and support the team. The record will hopefully increase from 12 and zero to 13 and zero.

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