School Board Makes Decisions Regarding Next School Year, Clearing Up Rumors

Recently, rumors about changes to the upcoming school year have been circulating around the school, leaving many wondering what changes are actually going to be implemented. Will there be seven class periods a day? Will school start 15 minutes later? Will fall break be shorter? Now that the school board has made some decisions, the speculation can finally be cleared up.

First of all, there is not going to be seven classes in a day. This method was already experimented with a few years back, and it was obvious to everyone that it was a failure. Mrs. Rainey even said so herself.

Mrs. Rainey said, “No... that is never going to happen.”

Although that really was a rumor, most of the other talk is true.

School will be starting 15 minutes later next year. It is going to start at 8:30 a.m. and will end at 3:30 p.m. That means that teens can get more sleep. Yay! This will also help traffic. Unfortunately, this also means that extracurriculars and sports’ practices will last later in the day. On top of that, students with jobs may not be able to make it there on time, causing frustration for those who may need the money.

In addition, fall break is being cut down to one week, with two days being added on to Thanksgiving break and three days being added to the end of the school year. Though this change is an adjustment for the county, this will give students more time to spend the holiday season with their families.

Lastly, the new high school is officially named Greenhill High School. They are still debating over their choice of mascot.

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