Florida Middle School Girls Plan to Sacrifice Classmates

Imagine strolling into your school’s girls’ bathroom and seeing two girls with knives coming at you. At Bartow Middle School in Florida, this is exactly what could have ensued if authorities had not intervened.

It was a normal school day for everyone but two students. These two female middle school students schemed a horrific plot in order to sacrifice their classmates for a Satanic ritual.

CNN states, “Two girls at a middle school in central Florida were waiting in a bathroom, planning to overpower at least 15 smaller students, kill them with knives and drink their blood.”

They were found in the bathroom after their first-period class by the assistant principal.

If one of the girl’s mothers did not call the school to say that her daughter had been mistakenly counted absent, the assistant principal would not have been prompted to search for the girls in the bathroom.

These two girls were alleged Satan worshipers and planned to eat the flesh of their classmates.

“They had a strong belief in Satanism and they believed the more people they killed the faster they would go to hell,” said ABC News.

The girls were planning on sacrificing between 12 to 25 classmates, particularly smaller students, who they could easily overpower.

These girls were in sixth and seventh and were already thinking about cults.

“That’s so insane. Why would little kids be thinking about these things? When I was in middle school, I was worried about lunch,” said Mckenzie Joyner.

The parents of these two girls state in the article that they spent Sunday binge watching horror movies. The girls then began doing research on how to efficiently kill people.

“The preteens conducted internet searches on how to kill someone with a knife and what type of wound would cause their victims “to bleed out the fastest,” according to CNN.

The police found Snapchat messages between the two girls discussing the plot and a map outlining their plan in the home. The phrase “go to killin bathroom” was written on the map.

These girls were also planning to place the body parts at the front of the school before killing themselves.

Fortunately, no students were harmed by this horrific plot.

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