High Schoolers: Don't Go Trick-or-Treating

It isn’t a well-known fact that you can get arrested for trick-or-treating at a certain age. Well, you can. In some states, you have to be 12-years-old or younger in order to trick-or-treat. This is actually stated in the Tennessee state laws, according to Fortune.

It is a commonly shared opinion that you should be able to tell for yourself when the time has come to stop trick-or-treating rather than the law.

In recent survey, one student said, “I think that is ridiculous. People should be able to determine if they are too old to go trick-or-treating for themselves.”

Generally, people have enough common sense to know when it is no longer appropriate for them to go trick-or-treating. Once most people graduate high school, they realize that it might not be the best idea for them to go trick-or-treating. Many adults opt to hand out candy instead.

A student said, “It would just be weird if adults were out going from house to house asking for candy. I think 18 is the age you should stop trick-or-treating.”

The real controversy is whether teens should be able to trick-or-treat. Yes, they are older than the average kid hunting for candy, but the reality is that they just want to have some fun. There’s no harm in some high schoolers who just want to dress up and eat some candy. For example, rather than getting in trouble, most teenagers really go trick-or-treating for the fun. In fact, some of them have funny stories about what goes on while trick-or-treating.

One student that said, “My uncle always walks with us when we trick or treat, and his costumes are always great. One year, he dressed up as Dora and went around skipping and singing the backpack song.”

Another student said, “When I was little, I dressed up as Sleeping Beauty for Halloween. An older boy stepped on my dress and ripped a strip off the bottom of it. I walked around with a torn, ripped dress for the rest of the night.”

While not everyone has a funny Halloween story to share, more than half of those surveyed think that there shouldn’t be a law about how old you have to be to go trick-or-treating. Teens should know when it is time to stop trick or treating. It is just common sense.

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