Don't Dope and Drive: Here's Why

For years, the consequences of drunk driving and distracted driving have been hammered into our brains. We all remember those anti-drink and drive videos we watched in Driver’s Ed and the catchy slogans we see on the highways, like “You booze, you lose.” Our high school even puts together a mock crash every year, complete with live acting, police cars and a helicopter, in order to show us that we don’t want to be those poor kids in the cars, dead after a fun night with friends turned ugly.

Nowadays, especially with it becoming increasingly available and in some places legal, marijuana has become another issue law enforcement has to deal with to keep the roads safe.

This leaves some people wondering if driving under the influence of marijuana is really as dangerous as people say it is.

This month, YouTube channel The Try Guys, consisting of ex-Buzzfeed coworkers Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugine, tested this theory.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, which has accumulated over seven million views since being posted in late October, The Try Guys (under supervision and on a controlled driving course) smoked some weed and then went for a drive.

The course consisted of many obstacles, such as dead ends, school zones and cones lining the track to create a real traffic simulation.

As expected, The Try Guys performed poorly, running over cones and knocking down cardboard box walls built to represent a tight squeeze between two cars.

This is a typical reaction, as studies say that people under the influence tend to drive very, very slowly, proceeding with extra caution. They can be more paranoid, taking frequent and unnecessary stops. It is difficult to calculate depth perception, and reaction time decreases. They are also known to give more room to the car in front of them, touching on that over-cautious trait.

So what happens when you get pulled over? Detective Bill Bustos says that there are a number of ways that law enforcement can tell when someone is high.

“We look at their face. We look at their eyes. We look at the manner in which they’re speaking.”

To test this, The Try Guys were asked a series of questions before they started to drive. The questions were simple, just greetings like “Good morning sir, how are you? Do you have any substances in your system today?” To which Keith immediately turned to the others, asked them for advice on how he should respond, and replied with a confident “Yes ma’am.” That wasn’t obvious at all.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is endangering others by getting behind the wheel under the influence, and since 13% of adults in America smoke marijuana regularly, legally or not, pretty soon the consequences of smoking while driving could be added to your high school Driver’s Ed. class curriculum.

Regardless of the fact that the video was humorous and good-spirited, the intended lesson should not be taken lightly: Don’t dope and drive.

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