What Not to Wear: Spooky Edition

With less than a week until Halloween, the pressure is on to find a good costume to wear. This year, Halloween takes place on a Wednesday. Yes, it’s a school night. No matter what night the holiday is on, you can still dress up and have fun.

Halloween originated from what is now Ireland, Great Britain and France. The holiday started as an ancient Celtic festival. People would make bonfires and dress in costumes to ward off evil spirits.

Now, it’s a day for wearing crazy costumes, trick or treating, spending time with friends and eating lots of candy.

It’s estimated that every year in America, around three billion dollars is spent on candy. Even more is spent on decorations and costumes.

Halloween costume trends change slightly over time.

Hollywood is still one of the biggest inspirations for costumes as movies and shows are constantly being released, making each year new and different.

In recent years, popular costumes included the clown from the movie “IT” and Harley Quinn from the movie “Suicide Squad.”

This year, the top three most popular costumes among children are "Fortnite" characters, Spider-Man and unicorns.

The Incredibles characters are also extremely popular costumes this year as the “Incredibles 2” movie was released this past summer.

In spite of scary movies being released frequently, surveys showed that most people would prefer to wear a funny costume over a scary one.

Pun-costumes are also growing in popularity. For example, a person can wear a Hawaiian shirt and a boxing glove to be “hawaiian punch.”

These costumes are a great option because they are more unique than dressing in a store-bought one.

A recent costume trend is the ugly Halloween sweater. It’s the same concept as an ugly Christmas sweater, but for Halloween.

This is getting popular because it’s simple, cheap and won’t break dress code for most schools or work environments.

When surveyed, a group of Mount Juliet students stated that they would rather have a store-bought costume over anything else.

Students seem to prefer the traditional and classic Halloween styles. This could be because teenagers want to keep the original manner of Halloween that they experienced when they were kids.

No matter what you dress up as, or if you decide to not dress up at all, remember to stay safe and have a happy Halloween.

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