Surviving High School Through the Holidays

In this day and age, school has full control over everything. It decides when your family can go on vacation, the hours you can work, how much time you spend with friends and family, and really everything else. When school is not in session, even teachers celebrate. Many people, myself included, lose motivation when breaks and holidays get close. The second nine weeks is already difficult with state-wide testing and excessive homework. Add three major holidays into the mix and you have 2,000 overly stressed high schoolers, every single one of them craving a break. With all this stress, it is very easy to get behind in your classes. In case you need a little help keeping up, here are a few tips.

Make sure you schedule everything out. With so much happening, put everything on a time frame. Set aside an hour for dinner and family and an hour every day for yourself. You need time to relax. Just keep in mind that you need to get your homework done first. When breaks get closer, you can make it easier on yourself by finishing you work during school. If you get math homework in first block and have 10 extra minutes in Spanish, work on that instead of talking with friends. If you ride the bus and are not bothered by it, do homework then. The teachers won’t care if your handwriting is a little worse than usual.

Try motivating yourself with food and other rewards. This is what helps me personally. Set it up so that you get to hang out with your friends after all your math homework is done, or you get a snack after you finish the chapter for English.

After you get all homework done, enjoy break. We get so little time to ourselves in high school since every teacher seems to think that hours of homework every night is manageable. These hours add up when you are taking four classes per semester while working on the weekends and helping out with family issues. We barely have time for focusing on our mental health or physical health due to how much we stress over school. We are still teenagers. We need to take care of ourselves. Take time over every break to do these things. You deserve it.

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