How Internet Culture Influences Real Life

It’s no lie that the internet has taken over the world. From various online shopping websites to the numerous tweets President Trump sends out daily, the internet is ingrained into society.

Work, school and living seem almost impossible if you don’t have access to the world wide web. Because of this, technology has not only become convenient but a part of someone’s life and personality.

If the internet is such a huge part of our lives, how has its culture influenced what we consider real life?

One thing that has changed dramatically since the internet is modern-day language; slang from the web is now being used in real life. Tea, yeet, dab and fam are just some that have escaped their internet shackles.

Take the saying “Can’t relate,” a now iconic statement that originated from YouTuber Jeffree Star. Or the saying “Cash me outside how bow dah,” from Danielle Bregoli, who gained temporary fame after starring on Dr. Phil.

In a recent poll, 44 percent of respondents claimed that they use various phrases in day to day conversation that they have heard from the internet.

While phrases and new words originating or gaining popularity on the internet can be heard in day to day conversation, you can also see traces of the internet in a person’s behavior.

Take freshman Brianna Hamilton as an example, “I used to be a lot more shy but I’m more open because of YouTube,” she said.

Freshman Olivia Ellis also states that the internet has changed her behavior.

“The Internet has made me feel like I need to look and dress a certain way,” she said.

One problem many people have with the internet’s influence is that attention spans are decreasing, which results in more effort to try to get someone to pay attention to their specific thing. Some also claim that more people are becoming desensitized to violence, or rather getting used to it because of the urgency to grab people’s attention.

In the same poll, two-thirds of respondents state that they have become used to violence.

“Because of the internet we are exposed to seeing violence, so when we see it in real life it doesn't look as serious,” Ellis said.

For example, YouTube’s supports violent and irresponsible creators like the Paul brothers.

The Paul brothers are both famous YouTubers with over ten million subscribers. Logan Paul, who filmed discovering a suicide, and Jake Paul, who has caused various people to leave him because of his lack of sincerity and care for other people's well being, have both left viewers shocked by their content.

Before the suicide forest incident, YouTube favored their videos greatly, even putting both of the brothers in YouTube Rewind.

Additionally, YouTubers Onision, Leafyishere and many other toxic people have a platform to influence others and create a negative platform.

While there are some cons to the internet, the pros greatly outweighs them. We live in a world where you can instantly talk to someone, Google anything you want to know and use the web for your convenience.

This technology has influenced people’s lives in many ways and will continue to advance further, but is that such a bad thing? Our culture, our lives and the way we live is forever and will always be changed.

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