High School: Movies vs. Real Life

If you're old enough to attend high school, you have most likely seen movies that try to depict the high school setting and experience. Some of the top examples include “High School Musical,” “Clueless,” “Mean Girls” and “The Breakfast Club.”

It’s no question that these don’t portray realistic traits of high school or what it’s really like to be a student. There are a lot of things that happen on screen that just don’t happen in real life. Here’s just a few to think about.

On TV, high school hallways are notorious for head-turning events. One example is having a small group of popular, attractive students strut through a split crowd of their classmates, especially in slow-motion. This is definitely not a real thing.

Another example is students tripping over or falling into a trash can. Since when are there large trash cans in the hallways?

Even the little hallway cliches are worth a laugh. This is commonly seen in movies by two or more students talking in the hallway for more than five minutes. Seriously, how long can you have in between classes?

Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on how high school students look in movies. Yes, the black, off-the-shoulder top Regina George wore in “Mean Girls” will forever be a classic, but there’s no way that it would pass a real high school dress code.

Additionally, thanks to movies such as “Clueless,” we got the unrealistic idea that a makeover from your friends will make you extremely gorgeous and completely transform your life in one day, as well as make you a pro at makeup and give you an expensive, new wardrobe. Sorry, but no.

Another unrealistic fantasy from the movies is how students show up to school in a classy outfit everyday. This just isn’t practical. Sometimes we wake up late from cram studying the night before, and sometimes we have a bad hair day. Either way, no one looks like a movie star everyday. There’s no shame in wearing sweatpants or a hoodie to school.

When lunch time rolls around in a real high school, everyone gets their food and sits down at a table to relax and talk with friends. Sorry to disappoint, but contrary to “High School Musical,” no one stands on the cafeteria tables to burst into choreographed song and dance.

Also, it’s undoubtedly abnormal for the whole cafeteria to take part in a food fight. That’s just a waste of food.

Lastly, one of the biggest high school movie stereotypes is that prom or some other school dance is the most important and vital event of the entire year. The thing is, prom is just prom and becoming queen or king is not as dramatic as it seems.

Of course, everyone knows that movies don’t give realistic expectations of high school or what it’s really like to be a student. High school is still a memorable and personal experience in life. Take it seriously, but don’t forget to have fun and be yourself.

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