Does Society Breed Criminals or Were They Born That Way?

There are a variety of theories as to what creates a criminal. Scientific studies have been made to figure out the answer to this kaleidoscopic question.

Did trauma cause them to be aggressive or was it simply genetics?

Although people have their own opinions, it may be a combination of both.

“Research now suggests that unchecked aggressive behavior can eventually change the brain in ways that alter serotonin levels and, perhaps, increase violent behavior,” according to Brainfacts.

Serotonin is a chemical that causes violent behavior, which can help identify people at risk of becoming criminals or having criminal intentions. It is produced in the intestines and brain. Researchers discovered that this correlates to people with anger issues.

“The part of the brain associated with emotions is called the Amygdala. It is believed that damage to the Amygdala can have an effect of criminal behavior,” according to

Since the Amygdala is responsible for our emotions, if it is damaged, humans would not be able to perceive the feelings of someone else. For instance, people who lack empathy see humans as mere objects and will treat them as such.

These types of people also do not fear the law, which can be a dangerous thing.

This causes problems because they do not see anything illicit with their actions, therefore, will continue to do them.

In addition, severe childhood trauma can also breed a criminal.

“Regression analyses revealed that witnessing violence and victimization prior to age 10 predicted delinquency and violent behaviors, even after controlling for prenatal maternal and early childhood externalizing problems,” stated by the National Institute of Health.

Research shows that kids that have experienced barbarity often develop antisocial behaviors and have a higher tendency to be aggressive. Another factor is child maltreatment, which is becoming an extensive issue.

“One potential explanation for the large effects is that children who experience maltreatment start engaging in crime earlier, an explanation that appears to be supported by studies,” said the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Children pick up habits from their parents and look to them as role models. If their parents are abusive, it is a high probability that their kid will be as well.

To conclude, a criminal can be influenced by dysfunctional family issues, or it may just be hereditary. In today’s generation, we are impacted by social media, similar to criminals being affected by their childhood traumas. Just like how children inherit their hair color from their parents, they can inbreed their behavior as well.

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