Fitting in With Society: Is Peer Pressure Stronger Than Ever?

Nowadays, teens are faced with countless expectations from almost everyone in their lives. Society constantly raises these expectations, setting the bar even higher. Because of this, a culture teeming with peer pressure has been built, making a majority of people feel obligated to imitate what society does.

“Only 10 percent of teenagers surveyed said that they had not been influenced by peer pressure,” according to Teens Love to This indicates that society purposely targets teens because of how easily influenced they are.

During teenage years, teens are still trying to figure out their identity and where they belong in the world. School does not help since it’s the main place for social rankings.

There are different ways a teen may feel pressured, such as drugs, intimacy and popularity.

“When I experience peer pressure, it is mainly people trying to influence me to smoke weed. They try to get in your head and say nothing is wrong with smoking and they beg you to smoke, and make it difficult to say no,” said Eden Bennett

Teens of the current generation smoke weed or vape. The new trend is now juuling, which is actually more detrimental than normal cigarettes. In today’s society, drugs are praised and you are automatically considered cool if you take or do drugs, causing widespread peer pressure concerning drugs.

Peer pressure has become more common over time because of social media and, as a community, we have to put a stop to this.

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